Facing Fear

Updated: May 17, 2020

Five tips to conquering

Robin Walker | Fast Forward Capitol Greenleaf

When we are faced with serious and possibly life altering challenges, we all have a decision to make. That decision is to FEAR it or FACE it.  Whether the challenge is a learning about layoffs at work or hearing news reports about the Corona Virus you must decide how you will respond.   

To Fear it is to turn your back, ignore it, not learn more about it and run from it.

On the other hand, to Face it is to: 1. Learn more about it

2. Understand how it impacts you and your family

3. Follow appropriate instructions to minimize the impact

4. Prepare now for when the challenge ends, then execute your plan 

5. Live in peace through the challenge until it’s resolved

Tough and resilient people face it.  What’s your fear? Make it OK. Face it and Conquer.

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